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Today, after months of faffing about I decided to start a blog about my love of knitting and crochet.

I am by no means talented or experienced – like many people I know, I learned to knit as a little youngster but ‘paused’ for 20 years before picking it back up in my 30s. Two years later, I’m what you might call rather enthusiastic about it. I have stacks of yarn waiting to be used, made numerous blankets, jumpers and cardigans, and get ever so mild twinges of panic if I haven’t got a project in my bag when I leave the house. I thought I should write a blog about it as a form of therapy if nothing else 😉

Anyone can knit or crochet, and there’s nothing quite like that ‘I made it myself’ moment when someone asks where you got a scarf or jumper. I’ve also earned some serious friend brownie points making baby blankets and presents, so really, you can’t lose!

I re-learned to knit using some great online resources.  The one thing I couldn’t find was a blog written by a beginner who showcased the good and the bad of their makes (we’ll call this ‘the learning’). Based on the amount of ‘learning’ I’ve done I thought I should share it, to give a little bit back to the internets given that I pinched everything I know from there.

I’ve got so many ideas for posts so it will take me a while to get through everything I want to share. To start with I wanted to post about the things that I needed when I picked up knitting and crochet – my favourite free patterns, helpful video tutorials and decent quality budget friendly supplies that can be found in the UK.

Anyway, as a gift/stalling tactic while I write some proper content, here’s a link to the first free pattern I used – PurlSoho’s Super East crib blanket.

Here’s a picture of my first go at this (just try to ignore the fact I took a picture of the wrong side and I hadn’t weaved in the ends!).


Purl Soho crib blanket

I used Women’s Institute Premium Acrylic yarn, one ball in each colour, from Hobbycraft.  It’s currently £2.25 per 100g ball and seemingly always on 3 for 2. It didn’t turn out too bad for a first try, although at one point I kept making extra stitches somehow…


Rachel 🙂

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