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Free patterns: Where to look? What to make?

Hello everyone!



In my first post I said that I wanted to write about free patterns. I love a bargain and unless someone is actually paying me to take something, I don’t think a freebie can be beaten!


There are tons of great free patterns out there, often provided by lovely bloggers or yarn companies. On the whole, the free patterns I’ve come across don’t involve too many complicated stitches or techniques but they are all enjoyable and taught me something new. There are endless ways to adapt patterns to suit your own style, and in upcoming posts I’ll show you how I’ve done it.


I tend to go for jumpers, scarves, gloves and blankets. I’m a selfish jumper maker but I gift a lot of baby blankets and the occasional scarf. Most things I’ve made from freebies are squares or rectangles – these are ideal beginner projects because there’s no shaping or decreases involved. Rectangles are a also a good opportunity to master stitch patterns, particularly ones that involve multiple stitches or patterns that are made over several rows.

I’m starting a list of free patterns I love on a separate page but as a taster, here are five projects that I’ve made using free patterns, complete with  pattern links. I’ll post about these individually over the coming weeks but for now I thought some pictures would be enough so that you can compare them to the originals.




Caron adult crochet crew neck jumper (still being seamed!)

Caron crew neck jumper


Moogly crochet chevron lace wrap

tropical chevron wrap

Purl Soho double seed stitch blanket (I adapted the border and added a second colour)

double seed stitch baby blanket

Beautiful shells blanket by Lahoma Nally-Kaye (I’ve made several of these in different sizes and colours – this is a snapshot of the queen sized version I made)

beautiful shells blanket cream tweed

Caron cakes triangle shawl (knitting pattern also provided on the back of the label)

caron cakes triangle scarf

I’ve pinned and downloaded many a free pattern, and if you follow me on Pinterest you can see what I’ve found on my dedicated free patterns board. If you have recommendations for men’s, kids etc. then do let me know and I’ll pop in on the list with a credit to you 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

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